After 25 years of providing Quickporch free-standing wood deck systems to manufactured housing in Colorado and the West, we have taken the engine to our successful whole-deck kits - the StairLok® stair system - and made it more accessible and adaptable in order to serve the needs of North America. The Just Add Wood System includes the StairLok® adjustable stair system, plus the hardware and plans for three sizes of free-standing decks up to 47".

Stair system


The best and easiest wood stair system on the market

A proven, adjustable design that can adapt to your site and deliver the consistent rise and run required for each site to meet and exceed the IRC Code. *

Available in 3-, 4-, and 5- tread systems, optimized for manufactured housing

Graspable, reversable molded stair handrail


The closed riser is integrated to the tread, making it one of the strongest, safest, most accurate exterior stairs available.

The StairLok® adjustable stair system is a new approach to an old problem. It has developed and improved over the years, especially since 2011 with our proprietary tread hardware and StairLok® Stair Template. 

Hardware and plans for 3 sizes of decks

Top-view plans and basic instructions for three popular sizes:


To maximize on-site speed, each deck is sized to use only full (un-ripped) deck boards. Only the outside deck boards should need to be notched for posts.

Buy and cut lists for all three sizes, plus a quality hardware set that builds up to the 6x6 (65½” x 65½”).
Expansion Packs are available for decks up to 10x12 (115½” x 138½”).

Deluxe rail design, which can be economized by:
- eliminating decking at top of deck rail
- eliminating lower guard rail by making decking flush to perimeter (maintain a ¾” lip at the stair), then face-mounting longer balusters to the rim joists

*Building code varies by location and inspector; it is the builder’s repsonsibility to know and meet code.

You “Just Add Wood!”

 4x4 (43½” x 43½”)


Redwood  Qty.
2x6x8’          8
2x4x8’          2
4x4x8’          4
2x2x36”      12

 4x6 (43½” x 65½”)


Redwood  Qty.

2x6x8’       7
2x6x12’     3
2x4x12’     1
2x4x8’       1
4x4x8’       4
2x2x36”    17

 6x6 (65½” x 65½”)


Redwood Qty.

2x6x8’      1
2x6x12’    10
2x4x8’      4
4x4x8’      4
2x2x36”   25



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